Jewelry Always Fits

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel UNIQUE. For as far back as I can remember accessories were a MUST HAVE staple to "complete" any outfit of mine. The earliest memory I have of dressing up my outfit with sparkles and shine date back to little three-year-old Deidre. My mom would dress up my little head with the most dramatic, gaudy bows, starting practically since I entered this world! 

Can anyone else relate to this???

Where on earth did she find those striking treasures... The bows came in all colors, shapes and sizes. They sparkled. They shined. Some bows had playful tassels and fringe, where others were elegant to match a nice little outfit. 

Eventually, the bow phase wore off around age 7, and I graduated to EARRINGS around age 8-9. Back then, I guess you could say it was thought of as "trashy" to get your ears pierced that young, and I'm pretty sure my parents got a little flack about it (and probably not to their face). From that small gesture of "independence" I was UNIQUE. For some reason, I always liked to stand out, and jewelry was always a way for me to feel confident in that.

Of course, there was that one (okay, maybe two...) times where in middle school my mom gifted me my first "big name brand" bracelet - it was placed in a turquoise box wrapped with a silk turquoise bow...

Tiffany & Co. 

I don't know about you, but when I hear the song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" Tiffany is the one I drool over. My mom told me to take VERY good care of this beautiful Tiffany charm lock bracelet, and I would have it forever. It felt SO magical. One afternoon in 7th grade, I was playing football at recess with the guys, running around all crazy, and the next thing I know my wrist is naked. I started panicking. The ENTIRE 7th grade class at recess helped me look through the grassy field, but it never turned up. I received ANOTHER lock-charm Tiffany bracelet the following Christmas in 8th grade, but later that year, it had also seemed to un-clasp - and was lost forever. 

Before writing this first blog entry, I was curious if there were any blogs or articles about Jewelry. I was interested to see if there were others out there that wrote about their personal experiences with the way accessorizing made them feel. To my surprise, there weren't any articles that I could find pertaining to the idea of how dressing up with jewelry makes you feel.

This idea, in my humble opinion, is taken for granted, in the sense that we don't usually think about it, we just do it - like a lot of things in life. When I was finally able to slow down and think about this, think about who I am, thank about who I became from who I have been in the past - it was eye opening. I love jewelry. For me, it makes me not only feel unique, but powerful and pretty. I feel like a girl could NEVER go wrong with a little sparkle. 

The take-away I would like for anyone to have, after reading this expressive piece, is to look inside yourself and figure out what makes you, you. Dig deep and find something that makes you unique, even if it's of the smallest thing, and tell yourself that is what makes you special and why you are who you are!

Thank you for reading and letting me share my inner most thoughts with you. Also, sorry for putting you on blast, Mom. I love you.