Deidre Thornell Releases New EP: Dallas

Last night Deidre Thornell tore up the stage at Nashville’s 12th and Porter.  Her powerful vocals could fill any room and there was definitely plenty inspiration to ignite Deidre’s spectacular performance.  She was celebrating the release of her new EP Dallas.  You might recognize Deidre from the Jam Catchers feature on her single “Somewhere Wild and Free” back in May.  Turns out that single was just the tip of the iceberg for Thornell.      

This EP, ‘Dallas’, weaves threads of my life growing up in Texas, and all I have known and experienced there; but it also incorporates my life here in Nashville. I love me some TX and there will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for it, but Nashville is definitely home – and it’s time for awesome new experiences and adventures. I’m ready! – Deidre

The EP starts off strong with the first single “Somewhere Wild and Free” hitting the listeners with a happy, go lucky, free spirited love song.  But don’t think it’s all sunshine and rainbows for on this EP.  Tracks like “Dallas” and “Ghost Town” tell the tale of a broken heart.  The title track to the EP paints a picture often missing from female narratives; one where her dreams and goals are more important than a relationship.  In deciding to pursue her ambitions she was must leave behind not only  the comfort and safety of her hometown, but the boy that tied her there whether it be geographically or emotionally.  It is by far the strongest track on the EP and truly shows the depth and layers of emotion that Deidre can bring to the table as an artist.  Be sure to listen to her hand selected playlist picks for y’all below which I sprinkled her new EP throughout

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Diana Simmons
Deidre Thornell, ‘Ghost Town’ [EXCLUSIVE Premiere]

Texas-born and Nashville-based singer Deidre Thornell is premiering her new song “Ghost Town” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the track.

Dedicated country fans may recognize the song: Written by Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally, “Ghost Town” was recorded by Jake Owen for his 2013 album Days of Gold. After working on songs for her new EP, Thornell found that the pop-country tune sort of fell into her lap.

“I’d written several songs for the EP, but wanted to add one more song. “Ghost Town” was pitched to me, and I completely fell in love with it,” Thornell tells The Boot. “Once I added my own flair, it was clear it belonged on the EP with the other five songs.”

Growing up in Texas, Thornell made her stage debut in kindergarten. She sang in public for the first time at her school’s talent show — and “was hooked.”

“I did the talent show every year from kindergarten through sixth grade,” Thornell recalls. “I absolutely loved performing, but most of all, I loved the connection I had with the audience, no matter what I sang.”

As she grew up, Thornell enlisted the help of Dallas-based vocal coach Linda Septien, who’s also trained singers such as Beyonce, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

“Ghost Town” will appear on Thornell’s forthcoming EP, titled Dallas, due out on Friday (July 21). Visit for more information.

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EXCLUSIVE: Deidre Thornell Unleashes "Somewhere Wild & Free” Lyric Video

Emerging country music artist Deidre Thornell’s latest single "Somewhere Wild & Free" will bring you back to your carefree years. Enjoy the new lyric video here!

Rising Nashville star Deidre Thornell’s latest single “Somewhere Wild & Free” is the first of many hits by the young up-and-comer — and we have an exclusive look at her new lyric video that will have everyone daydreaming of wide open spaces and summer love.

“’Somewhere Wild & Free’ is a song about moments that take your breath away. The inspiration came from a photoshoot I recently did that had few of those moments, and I wanted to capture that feeling in words, so that others could identify. Everyone should experience those kind of moments at least once in their life,” the artist explains.

Thornell definitely achieved her goal, as the song reminds listeners of that “16, standing by the train tracks…” feeling. The lyric video captures the song’s meaning quite perfectly, too. With shots of the wind blowing through the trees in the countryside, flowing creeks and inviting fields, viewers are easily transported to a place in time when life was carefree.

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Deidre Thornell Releases "Somewhere Wild and Free"

There is something about Texas country that opens your heart and sinks in there rooting into all your emotions in such a raw way.  It really is such a special sub-genre of country all on it’s own.  Dallas native Deidre Thornell embodies her home state well in her new single “Somewhere Wild and Free“.  It is a step more in a modern direction from Deidre’s last project Destination Unkown which could almost be labeled vintage with a strong fiddle leading throughout the entire EP.

“Somewhere Wild and Free” is a softer side to Deidre and she is working it!  Deidre creates a feeling of nostalgia through the chorusthat brings you back to your first love.  

Like I’m 16 standing by the train tracks and the wind starts blowing my hair back.  Any minute the thunder’s gonna roll past.  Two inches from the railing I’m scared but ready.  And that’s how I feel when you look at me.  You take me somewhere wild and free


That feeling of being absolutely terrified of this all consuming love you feel for someone while all at the same time never feeling quite so liberated and free.  Deidre completely captures first love with “Somewhere Wild and Free” from the lyrics to the tenderness and angelic quality with which she sings the chorus.  Take a listen below and be sure to check out Deidre’s site for more information on her music and tour dates!  Does this song remind you of your first love too?  Comment below and let us know!

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Elise Anderson
Featured Artist: Deidre Thornell

Deidre Thornell is a Texas girl who is now calling Nashville home. She says, “it’s going to be that way for a long time! I love Music City!”

The singer-songwriter writes a lot of her own music but tells CountryCommon, “I’m never opposed to cutting someone else’s song when it feels right.”

She plays the guitar, but enjoys having other people play for her, “because of how talented so many musicians in this town (Music City) are.”

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Deidre Thornell Brings Freedom to Country Music

While you may not be familiar with Diedre Thornell yet, you soon will be. She’s got a fiery passion for sharing her voice in song form, and she does it effortlessly. Her music rests in the category of contemporary country with a pop infusion. Thornell isn’t one to give up when it comes to chasing her dreams and it’s evident through her summer-infused new single “Somewhere Wild and Free”.

Her fearlessness to conquer every battle that comes her way speaks volumes to who she is as a person and country music is lucky to have her. She’s a newcomer but her voice proves otherwise. The country newcomer compares herself to Miranda Lambert, believing her’s and Lambert’s careers are very much the same. We shall see. After all, Thornell doesn’t take no for an answer and she’s bound for success in every way.

We at Beyond The Stage got to speak with Diedre about her new single, her wild and free moment and what’s next for her. Read our interview below and don’t forget to listen to “Somewhere Wild and Free” now on Apple Music. 

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First Listen: Deidre Thornell's "Somewhere Wild and Free"

This one’s sure to have you in the mood for a little summer love.

Newcomer Deidre Thornell is about to release her debut EP, and this first track definitely has me excited to hear more of her music that blends contemporary country, blues and pop to create a sound that to me is the equivalent of musical sunshine.

“Somewhere Wild and Free’ was inspired by Joe Nichols’ ‘Sunny and 75’. I’d had an experience during a photo shoot a few weeks earlier that was thrilling, a bit scary, and a total adrenaline rush. I wanted to capture that feeling and make it something listeners could identify with. So I took the idea to my co-writer, Bill DiLuigi, and we came up with ‘Somewhere Wild and Free.”

Keep an eye out for her debut EP early this summer.

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