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April 18, 2017 by Kara Johnson for Beyond the Stage

Deidre Thornell Brings Freedom to Country Music

While you may not be familiar with Diedre Thornell yet, you soon will be. She’s got a fiery passion for sharing her voice in song form, and she does it effortlessly. Her music rests in the category of contemporary country with a pop infusion. Thornell isn’t one to give up when it comes to chasing her dreams and it’s evident through her summer-infused new single “Somewhere Wild and Free”.

Her fearlessness to conquer every battle that comes her way speaks volumes to who she is as a person and country music is lucky to have her. She’s a newcomer but her voice proves otherwise. The country newcomer compares herself to Miranda Lambert, believing her’s and Lambert’s careers are very much the same. We shall see. After all, Thornell doesn’t take no for an answer and she’s bound for success in every way.

We at Beyond The Stage got to speak with Diedre about her new single, her wild and free moment and what’s next for her. Read our interview below and don’t forget to listen to “Somewhere Wild and Free” now on Apple Music. 

BEYOND THE STAGE: What was the writing process like for “Somewhere Wild and Free”?

DEIDRE THORNELL:  I was inspired by a memory a few weeks prior and was listening to Sunny and 75 (Joe Nichols) on the way to my co-write with Bill DiLuigi and shared my experience with him, and from that blossomed Somewhere Wild and Free.

BTS: What’s the story behind the track? Why did you choose to write it and make it a single?

DT:  There was an abandoned bridge that me and some friends discovered over the Cumberland River. We needed a great Instagram picture, so we decided to walk on the bridge for the shot. The wind was blowing really hard and it felt spontaneous and exhilarating. I chose to make this one the first single because I’d like people to know who ‘Deidre Thornell’ is as an artist right now. The amazing thing about music is that this is who I am right now and in a year, when I come out with new music, I can look back at this journey and smile knowing that Somewhere Wild and Free was who I was at that time, and how other people can relate to this song and the feeling it creates for them too.

BTS: How is this song different from your other music? How is it the same?

DT: My music is different because I have grown up, and have had more experiences and insight on experiences to write about at this point in my life, and the amazing part also, is that I will always evolve in my artistry depending where I am in my life. Also, working with Jacob Rice as the producer on this project has been amazing. He is so talented and we make a great collaborative team.

BTS: What’s your favorite memory of when you felt wild and free?

DT: Standing over the water with the wind blowing in my hair and almost whipping us all off the bridge because it was blowing so hard. When we finally returned to land, I was having all these racing and rushing feelings – similar to how one feels for a first kiss, first hand-hold, engagement, marriage day…etc.

BTS: What’s been the best “wild and free” moment in your career thus far?

DT: My most “wild and free” moment in my career thus far probably would be this past year up until now. Everything has been a whirl-wind and I truly believe Nashville is a magical town. I’ve got to keep following this feeling and this dream. I’m truly excited and have no regrets about my move to town.

BTS: What’s next for you musically now that the single is almost out?

DT: My next move is to prepare for the EP release over the summer. This music is different than anything anyone has heard from me. I hope to continue to deliver that with every single or album that I release.

BTS: What do you hope your listeners get from this single and what are you looking forward to most when it’s out?

DT: I hope listeners feel happy, innocent and young no matter the age. I hope they visualize driving down a long stretch of highway feeling care-free. I hope they feel like they have the courage to make that first move with that special someone and that this song delivers that. I hope they feel energized and empowered and hopefully excited for the EP to release this summer.

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