Country Common

Deidre Thornell is a Texas girl who is now calling Nashville home. She says, “it’s going to be that way for a long time! I love Music City!”

The singer-songwriter writes a lot of her own music but tells CountryCommon, “I’m never opposed to cutting someone else’s song when it feels right.”

She plays the guitar, but enjoys having other people play for her, “because of how talented so many musicians in this town (Music City) are.”

Being raised listening to George Strait, Patsy Cline, RebaTrace Adkins, and Shania Twain, the singer admits she enjoys most genres but country is where her heart is.

When we asked who she looks up to, she shared, “Martina McBride, Whitney Houston, or Patsy Cline. But for performers, I’ve always looked up to Cher, Reba, and Shania.”

Thornell describes her sound as “contemporary country that is influenced with a bluesy-pop infusion.”

As many artists, her favorite song is, “The House That Built Me,” which was written by Tom Douglas, but made famous by Miranda Lambert.

The singer shared her best memory so far. “My proudest performance would have to be performing The National Anthem at AT&T Stadium for a Cowboys game in front of 90,000 screaming fans. It was surreal and I chase after that feeling everyday.”

She dreams one day of traveling the US for her own tour, then a European tour because, “Who wouldn’t want to travel the world playing their own songs?!”

Her pre-show ritual includes silent prayer, voice warm-ups and a wall push-ups.

Thornell has tried out for America’s Got Talent and The Voice and tells us, “That’s something I’m absolutely interested in continuing to pursue.”