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 Monday Nights Nashville is a songwriter series created and hosted by Deidre Thornell, held every Monday night at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint from 6-9pm. Only two singer-songwriters play per round, purposefully showcasing the musicians in an hour-long set, which provides the audience with more than just a taste for the performers' music. Monday Nights Nashville is to show off some of Nashville's best talent and to create a cool place for writer's to hang, network, drink awesome craft beer, and enjoy one of Music City's most sought-after burgers! For more information follow @MondayNightsNashville on Instagram! 

@MondayNightsNashville hosted by Deidre Thornell...

@MondayNightsNashville hosted by Deidre Thornell...

...written by Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally, “Ghost Town” was recorded by Jake Owen for his 2013 album Days of Gold. After working on songs for her new EP, Thornell found that the pop-country tune sort of fell into her lap.
— Amy, The Boot (Nashville, TN)
...tore up the stage at Nashville’s 12th and Porter. Her powerful vocals could fill any room and there was definitely plenty inspiration to ignite Deidre’s spectacular performance.
— Ashley, Jam Catchers (Nashville, TN)
...country music singer with bountiful Reba McEntire—like red hair arrives to make sure her pitch is perfect on a song she’ll be performing called “Good Girl.”
— Skip, Texas Monthly (Dallas, TX)

Smile. Sparkle. Shine.

Dallas EP

There is something about Country music that opens your heart and sinks it’s way, rooting into all your emotions in such a raw way. It really is such a special genre all on it’s own. Dallas native Deidre Thornell embodies her home state well in her new EP “Dallas”. It is a step more in a modern direction from Deidre’s last project Destination Unkown which could almost be labeled vintage with a strong fiddle leading throughout the entire EP. Deidre creates a feeling of nostalgia that takes you back as you listen through this more recent album.

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