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Deidre Thornell Dallas - EP 2017

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Upcoming Shows

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The Music of Nashville is an entertaining live band  show that is directed by Nashville's legendary musician, producer and songwriter, Mark Oliverius. For more dates to see Deidre, with the Music of Nashville, visit!

Deide will showcase some of her LATEST written songs, as well as perform songs from her 2017 EP, 'DALLAS' at The Local on May 7th! To RSVP to The Local, click HERE

Deidre took guitar lessons a year ago from Mr. Dave Isaacs, whom also has his own band project he is apart of and they also perform regularly  around the area. Join Deidre and Dave for a night of fun at Nashville's legendary and historical Douglas Corner Cafe.

Deidre Thornell and Aly Jordan pair up to play a rockin' set list in the college town of Buckhead, GA at a local pub called The Dive Bar. Show some love and spread the word to your friends in Georgia! 

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Deidre Thornell, ‘Ghost Town’ [Exclusive Premiere]:


...Dedicated country fans may recognize the song: Written by Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally, “Ghost Town” was recorded by Jake Owen for his 2013 album 'Days of Gold'. After working on songs for her new EP, Thornell found that the pop-country tune sort of fell into her lap...

...“I’d written several songs for the EP, but wanted to add one more song. “Ghost Town” was pitched to me, and I completely fell in love with it,” Thornell tells The Boot. “Once I added my own flair, it was clear it belonged on the EP with the other five songs.”...

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Blogging has become the way of the world these days. Keep up with Deidre and interesting topics like women in the music industry, fashion, current trends, cats, Texas, Nashville and more!